3 Top Reasons for a Team Retreat

Whether your company is small or large, it’s important that you and your team bond as humans. It would be an unrealistic expectation that your staff is always productive and happy at work. Taking a break from work is crucial and so is making your team feel appreciated.

A team retreat does both – distancing yourself from work and feeling valued as a person.

Providing a fun and happy space for your staff to express themselves outside of their work-persona will help them feel appreciated and in-turn show that back to you and your company!

A successful retreat can help your staff feel refreshed so that they can come back better than ever.

So here’s 3 reasons why you should convince your boss (unless you are the boss!) on why you need a team retreat!

1. Strategy

The goal for the retreat is to motivate and refocus the team.

The company core and culture can easily get lost when everyone is doing the same thing and stuck in a routine. A retreat is the perfect place for everyone to let down their hair and voice their ideas.

A learning experience for the whole team is a great way to tap into their interests and creative side. Spark inspiration and motivation.

You can also implement a Training & Development program. Hiring a inspirational speaker in your field is a great way to start! The program should help the team feel supported and heard.

2. Team Building & Work Culture

Happy people = Happy company = Happy productivity levels. This is a fact, a healthy and happy work culture is crucial to a company’s success.

Find activities that taps into the person’s interests, likes and talents in other areas! Doing a new activity together is the perfect way to naturally bond and have a shared experience. It’s also something your team will with talk positively about over the years!

Once everyone is relaxed, hold a casual brainstorming session (with wine and food). Allow everyone to shout out ideas and explore their creativity without any judgement. Let them know that no-one is being tested and the brainstorm is purely an exchange of raw, unfiltered ideas.

3. Wellness, Work & Life Balance

Finding the time and balance to take care of your wellness is easier said than done. Show appreciation to your team for their hard work and acknowledge the stress they face at work.

Let them know that the retreat is for them – to take a break, relax, and come back rejuvenated. Talk about how their health is important and that you view them as humans and not just workers.

Hence it’s important that the retreat takes place in a completely different location. A new location is refreshing, and takes away the associated stresses from work.

Don’t know any good Team Building activities?

Here’s what we have at Raffertys Resort and what corporate groups have raved about:

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