Picnic Party Ideas for Families

Springtime is always the best time of the year for a picnic party. With blue skies and sunshine, who wouldn’t want to host the ultimate outdoor gathering? So go ahead and grab your favourite picnic blanket as these incredible ideas will get you started on how to make the most of your picnic at a park or beach with your family and friends.


  • Use a muffin baking tray to hold the different snacks + dips!

Whoever first came up with this idea is a genius! Not only is it super convenient and neat, but it’ll be easy to wash and totally kid-friendly! You can get muffin baking trays in different sizes so you can hold 6 or 12 different appetisers/dips. Now you can enjoy yourself with family and friends, mess-free!

  • Fruit platter or cheese/meat platter

Forget about boring sandwiches and salads, bring a fruit/cheese/meat platter. It’s easy to set up and so delicious that we guarantee there won’t be any leftovers. What’s even better is that it’s completely customisable, you can pick and choose exactly what you want to eat and you can make the platter small or big!

  • Dessert cups

You know what they say, there’s always room for dessert. Get your kids involved in making these dessert cups. They can add their own toppings, making it a fun and simple meal! The dessert cups don’t have to stay refrigerated for a long period and are tasty even when they are room temperature.


  • Cushions and balloons

The days of bringing just a picnic blanket are gone. Host your guests in style by decorating your picnic area with rugs, cushions and colourful, helium-filled balloons. It’s Instagram-worthy and will create a laid back vibe.

  • DIY Cutlery

Who said you couldn’t get creative with your cutlery? At a picnic, almost anything can become an accessory. Wrap your cutleries in napkins and tie a ribbon/string around it with a flower. A little effort goes a long way.


  • Essentials basket

Make sure your friends/family are comfortable all day by setting up a box of essentials. Throw in a few light blankets, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, wet wipes and extra rubbish bags. That way, they’ll be ready from day to night.

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