Top 5 Family Game Night Ideas

Planning your next school holidays? Here are some awesome Family Games you can try with all the kids, aunties, uncles and grandparents over the next October school holidays!

Children dying of boredom won’t be an issue with these:

You don’t have to buy anything – just download the app on your phone and you’re ready to go! For Apple devices, for Android devices.

Pie Face!
This game is quite hilarious and inclusive of all ages! Take turns cranking the spinner and the pie throwing arm can go off at any moment! Imagine the excitement and laughter.

Did you know the first Jenga branded game was launched in 1983? And since then it’s been a staple in parties and get-togethers. Whether it’s a game of 2 or 10, everyone will experience the thrill of not letting the Jenga tower fall! Buy it online here.

Love a bit of arts & craft? Try creating your own games like these:
Nerf Target Prize Game

Elephant March / Minute to Win Game
If you haven’t tried this hilarious game, you’re missing out! Basically you get a tennis ball, put it in a panty hose, pull it over your head, and use the weight of the ball to knock over cups or bottles. Here’s what we mean:

Get the equipment list and rules here!

Whether you’re staying here with us at Raffertys Resort or at home the coming holidays, we hope these games will bring lots of laughter to your family!

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